A Yuletide Regency: A Timeless Romance Anthology

A Yuletide Regency, the most recent collection of novellas in A Timeless Romance Anthology is an entertaining way to experience Yuletide traditions from the perspective of young ladies whose hearts and hopes are inextricably tied up in their upcoming Yuletide celebrations. Authors Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynne Jensen, and Heather B. Moore creatively share tales of hope and expectations amid circumstances of loss and hopelessness.

With plenty of sweet romance to enjoy, these award winning authors create well written stories with resilient characters that entertain, amuse, and charm. Great characters, unexpected plots and plenty of scheming along the way, A Yuletide Regency is an engaging read. I received a complimentary copy of A Yuletide Regency for my candid review.


Night at the Opera by Stacy Henrie

Gwen, a rich American heiress, travels to London with her mother for the ton’s season in hopes of securing a titled husband. Gwen has money but she also a noticeable limp, a consequence of an untreated childhood accident. When a series of unforeseen social events puts her in the path of Avery, heir to a dukedom and secret agent for the government, Gwen struggles to make sense of what she should do with her life if she can’t marry for love.

Well written with a captivating plot, A Night at the Opera is engaging and fast to read. Great characters, unexpected plot twists, and fresh, authentic characters made this story entertaining to read. I received a complimentary copy of A Night at the Opera by Stacy Henrie for my candid review.

Long Journey Home by Sarah M. Eden

I loved it! This story touched my heart. Long Journey Home is part of the Longing for Home series that tells the story of the O’Conner family and their community Hope Springs. Maura O’Conner lost her husband Grady at Gettysburg. After struggling with poverty and illness she sells everything and moves her 13 year old son Aiden from New York to Hope Springs, Wyoming Territory. As an in-law to the O’Conner’s, Maura struggles to find her way to belonging in the O’Conner clan but she feels hopeful when they offer her a home of her own.

Ryan Callaghan has plans for the land Tavish O’Conner has generously leased to him. Moving into his own home to care for his aging mother is almost a reality until he suddenly finds the O’Conner’s daughter-in-law occupying the home he has dreamed about owning. At odds from the beginning, Maura and Ryan struggle to made sense of their own dreams and reconcile their dreams with the unexpected reality of their situations in Hope Springs.

Author Sarah M. Eden weaves a powerful story full of heartache, unfulfilled expectations, love and acceptance. With authentic characters and surprising plot twists, Long Journey Home is masterfully written. I received a complimentary copy of Long Journey Home by Sarah M. Eden for my candid review.

Wedding Wagers: Timeless Regency Collection

In the newest release of a Timeless Regency Collection, authors Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore and Michele Paige Holmes share memorable short stories about finding love in Wedding Wagers. Philip, Victor and Eli find themselves unexpectedly bound by wedding wagers that will change their single status. In different circumstances but with expediency at their heels, these gentlemen must decide how to react to their fates.

From false pretense to unfortunate encounters to an unexpected miracle, Philip, Victor and Eli try to make the most of frustrating and unexpected situations. Full of great characters, unique plots, romance and humor, Wedding Wagers is a collection of charming tales about life taking unplanned routes to happily ever after. I received a complimentary copy of Wedding Wagers: Timeless Regency Collection for my candid review.

A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden

Well worth reading! Elizabeth Camden delivers a new compelling historical romance in her recent novel A Daring Venture. Rosalind or Dr. Werner as she is professionally known, is a prim, soft spoken woman who is desperately hopes her scientific findings can eliminate water-borne diseases. She and her colleague Dr. Leal find their research threatened by a long lawsuit. With only 90 days to prove the viability of their findings, Rosalind finds herself trapped in adverse circumstances that threaten her heart, family and professional life.

Full of authentic characters, tough decisions and lots of unexpected plot twists, Camden both delights and informs readers in this well written historical novel. With deft literary skills and solid historical evidence, Camden creates a memorable story of progress, and the exacting price that progress requires from the people who make it happen. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden for my candid review.