Saving Grace by Michele Paige Holmes

I loved Saving Grace, Michele Paige Holmes’s brand new release. It was a delightful book to read and one of those books where I was disappointed when the book ended because I enjoyed reading the story so much. While the setting seems typical of other regency romances, the plot was anything but trite and Holmes’s characters so genuine it was sometimes hard to see the plot play out.

The story begins with Grace traveling from between the homes of potential suitors that have bargained with her father to pay handsomely to marry her. Through inventive exploits, Grace manages to remain single despite being pawn to pay off her father’s gambling debts. But with an unfortunate accident, Grace and her trustworthy servants find themselves at Sutherland Hall and in a mess. Grace immediately sets another plan in action to free her from the exploits of marriageable men, only to discover that for once she has acted rashly and placed her happiness and the security of her siblings into the hands of strangers.

Michele Holmes has a gift for creating characters that are genuine, unaffected and so realistic they were easy to love, easy to hate, easy to criticize and easy to champion. In short, Grace, Nicholas, and Preston were so human and their troubles and triumphs so compelling and relatable despite mansions, money and titles. So the question remains, who really saves Grace? I highly recommend reading Saving Grace and discovering the answer for yourself.


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