Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden is a treat to read. I loved the characters, the plot, and the history behind the story. Camden delivers another fast-paced, intense historical novel which explores the controversy and history surrounding the Library of Congress and the Spanish-American War.

Anna O’Brian was anything but the typical female employee in the District of Columbia. As an orphan, she worked hard to become one of the few female librarians working at the distinguished Library of Congress. As the map librarian, she loves her work and feels close to her deceased father who helped pioneer the mapping of ocean bottoms. Though content with her work, Anna discovers an error in a naval report and begins a crusade to have the error corrected and her father’s untimely death explained.

Luke Callahan, a young, successful congressman, is riding high on popular opinion and personal ambition. When he commandeers the research assistance of the reluctant and reticent Anna O’Brian he finds more challenge, hope, and excitement in the Library of Congress than he bargained for. While O’Brian is delivering Luke’s research with efficient accuracy, she is also showing Luke another way to look at his ambitions and his past.

I love how Camden creates tension between Anna and Luke before they ever meet. Anna loves the new Library of Congress while Luke views it an extravagant waste of money. In fact, it seems that Anna loves everything that Luke does not. Through her novel, Camden uses Anna and Luke’s strengths, insecurities, and weaknesses to create an unforgettable story of letting go, holding on, and following dreams.

Thanks again Elizabeth for delivering another great read. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden for my candid review.