Not by Sight by Kate Breslin

Kate Breslin has delivered another intriguing story in her new historical novel Not by Sight. Set during WWI, Breslin introduces us to wealthy, bold Grace Mabry, a suffragette wanting to do her part for the war effort.

Breslin seamlessly weaves the devastating details of a war weary country with Grace’s struggles to do her part to help her brother who is fighting in France. As Grace forges ahead and joins the Women’s Forage Corps, she encounters Jack Benningham, a wealthy young man she hoped to never see again. Jack is injured and hiding from life, while Grace must learn to live as a farm laborer instead of a wealthy socialite.

I love how Breslin develops the characters of Grace and Jack and how as their stories intertwine and progress, they become more authentic and human. With historically rich details and compelling supporting characters and sub-plots, Breslin shows us a vivid portrayal of people struggling to survive the physical and emotional scars of war, and of people who find hope in difficult circumstances.

I highly recommend reading Not by Sight for the moving story and historical drama Breslin shares with us. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Not by Sight by Kate Breslin for my candid review.


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