A Timeless Romance Anthology: Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe is the most recent collection from A Timeless Romance Anthology featuring novellas with Christmas themes by Cindy Roland Anderson, Julie Coulter Bellon, Jennifer Griffith, Annette Lyon, Sarah M. Eden and Heather B. Moore. If you enjoy romance mixed with the anticipation of the holiday season, you will like Under the Mistletoe.

Each author creates a unique plot, with plenty of excitement, twists, and turns. From anticipated love to unexpected love, Under the Mistletoe showcases the romantic plights of six women wishing for something out of the ordinary who unexpectedly find their ordinary lives hold extraordinary surprises. My favorite novellas were Forgotten Kisses and Christmas Every Day.

Under the Mistletoe was a fun read to welcome in the Christmas season. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Under the Mistletoe for my candid review.


Forgiven by Terri Roberts

In Forgiven, Terri Roberts shares her touching account of what God can do with profound tragedy if people turn to Him. As mother of the perpetrator of the Amish school shooting that happened in October 2006, Terri shares with us her loss, the details surrounding the tragedy, and a remarkable story of people seeking forgiveness and healing instead of anger and revenge.

With great courage, Terri opens her heart to us to show how the loss of her son in the wake of this tragedy has gradually transformed her and brought her close to her Amish neighbors who suffered so much in the aftermath of the Nickel Mines Amish school shooting.

As I read about this event of which I surprisingly remember so little, I was moved by Terri’s willingness to explore her own weaknesses in light of what happened and how she humbly turned to God to help her find healing and hope.

I cried when Terri shared how her Amish neighbors in the hours and days following the tragedy reached out to her and her family to offer help. I loved how Terri shared scriptures that gave her hope and encouragement during dark hours and days. I admired her willingness to share her story with others despite her hurt and fear because she knew that God wanted to use her to help others understand the healing power of forgiveness.

Forgiven is a well-written, poignant, and powerful narrative of how God works in the lives of ordinary people to bring hope, healing, and forgiveness in a world that would be so dark and tragic without it. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Forgiven by Terri Roberts for my candid review.

On This Foundation by Lynn Austin

On This Foundation is the compelling and thought provoking conclusion to Lynn Austin’s Biblical series The Restoration Chronicles which follows the Jews’ return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple after their exile in Babylon. Specifically, On This Foundation tells the story of Nehemiah, cupbearer to the King of Persia. With a clear call from God, Nehemiah risks everything and receives king Artaxerxes permission and aid to travel to Jerusalem as the new governor to rebuild the city walls.

Have reading the two previous novels in The Restoration Chronicles, I was captivated with Austin’s retelling of Nehemiah’s struggle to lead the Jews to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem while contending with intrigue and deception from locals and jealous provincial leaders. With authentic characters representing all levels in society, Austin skillfully creates a story that captures the struggle, heartache, fear, and devastation that shrouds the people when Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem.

In Nehemiah, Lynn Austin shows us a leader who struggles like everyone else to obey and persevere even though he leads with courage and boldness. I was particularly intrigued by the nobleman Malkijah and his journey from lawful obedience toward consecrated and compassionate obedience.

Lynn Austin has created a story full of authentic characters that deftly and powerfully portray the many struggles the Jews faced as a people and as individuals as they sought God’s help and protection while building the wall.

Overall, On This Foundation deeply moved me as the story of Nehemiah and his countrymen came alive through Austin’s vibrant writing. Austin has a gift for conveying to readers the power of God’s promises in the lives of ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of On This Foundation by Lynn Austin for my candid review.