Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

Elizabeth Camden has written another intriguing historical novel introducing us to complex characters and the interesting beginning of the weather bureau in the United States. With an abandoned estate, plenty of myths, and a touch of miracles, Camden introduces us to a captivating story of loss and renewal, hope and healing in her newest novel Until the Dawn.

Sophie van Riijn, is a young woman was an astute mind, a dream, and a passion for cooking. To satiate her scientific interests, Sophie sets up a weather station on the roof of the nearby abandoned Dierenpark estate and collects daily weather reports for the newly established weather bureau. When the owners of Dierenpark arrive unexpectedly, Sophie is caught trespassing in her scientific endeavors. With wit and stubbornness Sophie negotiates to continue operating her weather station while working tirelessly to preserve Dierenpark from destruction.

I loved the characters in Until the Dawn. They were so real, so vulnerable, and so like everyone. I especially liked how although Sophie exudes hopefulness and kindness, she still feels authentic as we discover her story. Quentin was infuriating, yet so vulnerable. Even the supporting characters rallied to make a complex and believable story surrounding this historical period.

I really enjoyed reading Until the Dawn and look forward to more books by Elizabeth Camden. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden for my candid review.


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