Deliverance by H. B. Moore

Deliverance, the newly released volume 2 of The Moses Chronicles is the enthralling sequel to volume 1 Bondage. In Deliverance, author H. B. Moore follows Moses into the wilderness as he runs from the Egyptians, fearful of being pursued after killing an Egyptian taskmaster for beating a Hebrew slave. With the knowledge of his birth newly revealed by his Egyptian mother, Moses runs into the wilderness to run away and at the same time to find out who he really is.

With a seemingly random string of fortunate events, Moses finds himself in Midian welcomed by Jethro’s large family. While working to ingratiate himself into this new tribe, Moses feels drawn to Zipporah, Jethro’s intriguing and still single daughter.

With creatively and authenticity, H. B. Moore recreates the story of how Moses found his wife and learned to trust the true and living God of the Hebrews. Amid touching everyday activities, and heart-stopping plot twists, we follow the story that prepared Moses to accept God’s call to return to Egypt to deliver the Hebrews from bondage.

Deliverance is the strong, captivating story that draws us into the everyday struggles of an ordinary man that God is preparing for extraordinary tasks. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of The Moses Chronicles: Deliverance by H. B. Moore for my candid review.


Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell

In her most recent historical novel Flirtation Walk, author Siri Mitchell introduces us to the bygone days of West Point military academy. In a nostalgic setting, the plot of Flirtation Walk unfolds to share the stories of Lucinda and Seth.

Seth Westcott, the aspiring cadet who has the respect of both classmates and professors alike, decides that his preferential status is preventing him from going to help his sister. Appealing to classmates who know the art of collecting demerits, Seth struggles to become less than he is. In contrast, Lucinda Hammond comes to Buttermilk Falls destitute and alone to stay with her mother’s family. Lucinda idealized her father, but she is learning he is not what he appeared to be. And while she knows she and her father provided for themselves through deceiving others, Lucinda struggles to become a woman of integrity.

I love how author Siri Mitchell artfully juxtaposes Seth and Lucinda’s weaknesses and struggles and uses those inadequacies to tell of a story of how expectations and reality can both mislead. With strong main characters and unpretentious supporting characters, Mitchell has created a story that entertains and informs. I particularly love how Mitchell uses the character of Phoebe to show Lucinda what really matters in life.

Overall, Flirtation Walk was a well written, thought-provoking novel. I did find the pace slow, but still enjoyed the story and the clever character development as the novel progressed. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell for my candid review.


Letters to My Daughters by Barbara Rainey

I was touched by the insight author Barbara Rainey shared in Letters to My Daughters: The Art of Being a Wife. While frequently marriage books give lists of specific ways to make changes, Rainey focuses on the big picture and where we want to go in our marriages. Rainey thoughtfully shares her life experiences to explain to younger women the principles that lead couples into happier marriages. I appreciated the humble tone of her book as she shared what worked for her, but then encouraged us to turn to God to work through the details of our unique marriages.

Following through on her analogy that being a wife is an art, Rainey skillfully introduces us to all the different art forms that marriage encompasses. While not all of her experiences may be relevant to all readers, much of her thoughtful insights can augment our marriages when carefully considered and adapted to our unique needs. I love the sense of hope that Rainey deftly conveys in each chapter and her repeated witness that God does care about the success of each of our marriages.

I highly recommend Letters to My Daughters to women who want to make their marriages flourish. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Letters to My Daughters by Barbara Rainey for my candid review.

An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World by Brian C. Stiller

An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World was an intriguing book to read. Not only did I learn much about the religious atmosphere in many countries around the world, I feel better informed about the tenuous plight of Christians in those countries.

In a thoughtful, well organized book, author Brian C. Stiller introduces us to approximately 50 countries where Christians reside and bear witness of Christ, regardless of formidable obstacles. Each chapter covers a difference country. A brief, visual chapter introduction give a concise geographical and political summary, followed by a country dispatch that explains how the current cultural and political atmospheres affect Christians in that country.

Especially poignant throughout the book are the stories that Brian shares from his travels about how Christians are making a difference as they share their faith in very harsh and often unfavorable circumstances. In the final part of each chapter, Brian suggests how we as Christians can pray for Christians who live and testify in difficult circumstances.

Despite reading about the problematic situations of many Christians around the world, I found this book offers hope to all Christians, hope that despite awe-inspiring challenges, the message of Jesus Christ is spreading throughout the world, and our prayers can help.  Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World by Brian C. Stiller for my candid review.