Exodus by H. B. Moore

Exodus, the newly released volume 3 of The Moses Chronicles is another captivating story filled with stress, fear, and faith. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series and Exodus was as compelling as the previous two books in series. Author H. B. Moore does a stellar job bringing this Bible story to life in an intense, believable way.

I like how H. B. Moore created strong, vulnerable and authentic characters in this series. She captured well the emotional struggle that Moses must have felt as Pharaoh repeatedly gave his word that the Israelite slaves could leave and then changed his mind. I like how some of the plagues made everyone suffer, Hebrews as well as Egyptians and how that tested the faith of the Hebrews in their new prophet. I like how Moses’ Egyptian mother Bithiah is part of the story and how she brings an Egyptian perspective to everything that happens leading up to the Exodus.

Overall, Exodus is a compelling story that brings the story of Moses to a whole new, realistic level. Nicely done. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Exodus for my candid review.


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