A Note Yet Unsung by Tamera Alexander

A Note Unsung is the most recent Belmont Mansion novel and the first novel I have read by Tamera Alexander. I loved it! Well written and captivating, Alexander takes us into the world of female musicians trying to share their talents with society at a time when females performing in public was not only taboo, it just wasn’t done.

Full of strong, intriguing characters, A Note Unsung introduces us to Rebekah, a classically trained violinist who returns from Europe to Nashville and a precarious situation. Then there is Tate Whitcomb, the accomplished, young conductor of the new Nashville Philharmonic, who bears the responsibility of making the orchestra a success despite his personal secrets and struggles. The intriguing mistress of Belmont Mansion Adelicia Cheatham as well as other supporting characters create a story full of emotion, suspense, and beauty.

Alexander masterfully created a compelling, historical novel that beautifully shares the struggles that female musicians like Rebekah faced. I loved reading A Note Unsung and I found a new favorite author! Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of A Note Unsung by Tamera Alexander for my candid review.


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