Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

I really like reading Karen Witemeyer’s books and Heart on the Line was another captivating novel. As part of her Ladies of Harper’s Station series, Heart on the Line introduces us to Grace, the telegraph operator in Harper Station. She came to Harper’s Station to hide, but an ominous telegraph message alerts her that danger is headed her way. But more is headed her way than that message. So begins story of seeking peace, acceptance, and love. A story of affection and action, Heart on the Line has great characters, and unexpected plot twists.

Witemeyer creates a story of overcoming pain and learning how to heal through her genuine characters in Heart on the Line. I look forward to reading the next book by Karen Witemeyer. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer for my candid review.

Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes

I really enjoyed reading Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes. Holmes knows how to weave a captivating story full of romance and intrigue. Collin is from the McDonald clan in the Scottish highlands, Katie is from the neighboring Campbell clan. Amid warring clans, fate introduces Collin and Katie to each other in a powerful way, but when they come together years later, their fate seems less clear and troubled.

Holmes masterfully uses just the right amount of historical details to draw us into her story of changing times, changing circumstances, and changing lives. By creating such unaffected characters, Holmes shares a poignant story of love, remembering, and seeking hope.

Yesterday’s Promise doesn’t not have a defined conclusion like we anticipate in many series books now so I anticipate a sequel to Yesterday’s Promise that will continue Collin and Katie’s story. I received a complimentary copy of Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes for my candid review.

Falling for June by Heather B. Moore

Falling for June, the newest release in Heather B. Moore’s Falling series, was quick and fun to read. June, sees herself as average when she compares herself to her two best friends Sydney and Maria. Average in appearance, lifestyle, career, and even with boyfriends. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, June joins Sydney and Maria for a weekend get-a-way in Maui and finds herself attracted to an anything but average man. As June has the vacation of her life, she discovers that she is not as average as she thought and that makes all the difference. With unexpected plots twists, great characters, and a paradise setting, this was a fun story. I received a complimentary copy of Falling for June by Heather B. Moore for my candid review.

My Dearest Love by Sarah M. Eden

Set in New York City, My Dearest Love is a prequel novella to Sarah M. Eden’s Hope Springs series. Ian O’Conner works at a factory with his father and siblings. While walking through the factory halls, Ian sees a woman who changes his heart. But before he can pursue this woman, he needs to find her again. So the plot unfolds as we follow Ian’s love journey to find the woman he feels is meant for him. My Dearest Love is another tender story by Sarah M. Eden that will draw you in and touch your heart. I received a complimentary copy My Dearest Love by Sarah M. Eden for my candid review.

A Taste of Sun by Heather B. Moore

I like it! A Taste of Sun is a delightful, entertaining twist on a summer novella. Full of wit and clean fun, author Heather B. Moore introduces us to Winona, a woman who goes to New York to house sit for her great-aunt. Winona arrives in New York determined to work the summer away in her aunt’s spacious apartment. Neighbor Steve volunteers to gives Winona a tour of the city at her great-aunt’s request. So starts a relationship of unexpected spontaneity, fun, quirkiness and healing. I received a complimentary copy of A Taste of Sun by Heather B. Moore for my candid review.