The Matchmaking Game by Donna Hatch

The Matchmaking Game by Donna Hatch, the newest Timeless Romance single, is entertaining, refreshing and fun to read. Rowena Emerson is a young woman on a mission but she wants Evan Barnes, a long-time neighbor and recently returned war veteran, to assist her. Rowena wants her widowed father to marry Evan’s recently widowed mother. With carefully planning Rowena feels certain she and Evan will succeed; however, Evan though seems cautious and reluctant about everything, including his friendship with Rowena. Full of unexpected twists and touching exchanges, Donna Hatch creates a charming story of love, loss, and hope. Heather B. Moore gave me a copy of The Matchmaking Game for my candid review.


Summer House Party: Timeless Regency Collection

As the newest release in the Timeless Regency Collection, the novellas in a Summer House Party are a well written and entertaining of tales about expectations, love unrequited, and love found. Taking readers back to the Regency period in England, readers explore three very unique house parties from that time period.

An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott has an unexpected plot and an unlikely heroine. Kitty, an orphan living with relatives discovers an unlikely suitor in her attempts to chaperon younger cousins. A Perfect Match by Donna Hatch introduces us to a woman determined to help her best friend secure a match. While she did all she could, love has plans for her as well. The Paupers’ House Party by Sarah M. Eden is a somber parody on the traditional regency house party. With creativity and insightful characters, readers experience an unconventional house party that still includes love and hope.

Overall, Summer House Party was entertaining, fast-paced, and definitely worth reading. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Summer House Party: Timeless Regency Collection for my candid review.

Autumn Masquerade: Timeless Regency Collection

I found Autumn Masquerade delightful reading and an engaging addition to the Timeless Regency Collection. Comprised of three novellas, Autumn Masquerade introduces us to three eligible but ordinary young ladies. All orphans, Lila, Hannah, and Penelope find themselves at the mercy of relatives as they come of age. Authors Josi S. Kilpack, Donna Hatch, and Nancy Campbell Allen have adeptly written tales of loss, love, and hope that amuse and engage.

A Merry Dance by Josi S. Kilpack introduces us to Lila and her potential suitor Mortimer Luthford. Lila is a girl in love of with her comfortable life and her cousin Neville who is part of her comfortable life. Using humor and delightful wit, Josi S. Kilpack shares Lila’s story and shows us how expectations change, and how the unexpected can be wonderful.

An intense story, Unmasking the Duke by Donna Hatch, introduces us the shy Hannah and the self-confident, almost perfect Duke of Suttenberg. In costume and emboldened by anonymity, Hannah intrigues the Duke and becomes the woman of his dreams. But happily reconciling the pretend with the everyday proves more difficult than playing a part at a masquerade ball.

Penelope is the compelling young lady in What’s in a Name? by Nancy Campbell Allen. Penelope has always done what she could to help her twin sister Persephone, including writing to the Duke of Wilmington and inadvertently engaging his affections in behalf of her sister. When the Duke and Penelope meet face to face, Penelope faces the horror of continuing a charade that has become dear to her heart. I love how author Nancy Campbell Allen takes an expected plot and turns it upside down.

Overall, I read Autumn Masquerade in short order and highly recommend it as a great read. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Autumn Masquerade for my candid review.