All Hallows Eve: A Timeless Romance Anthology

Once again A Timeless Romance Anthology introduces another entertaining and eclectic collection of stories in the All Hollows Eve Collection: Six Romance Novellas by Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Lisa Mangum, Jordan McCollum, and Elana Johnson. If you enjoy ghost stories, you will enjoy these ghost story romances from authors who are deftly experienced in captivating and entertaining their readers.

From the surreal to the everyday ghost, from historical to supernatural settings, from realistic modern to fantastical settings, the authors of All Hallows Eve create tales of magic, suspense, love, and loss with genuine characters and plausible settings that gently transport us into a world of the paranormal while maintaining a sense of the believable in their stories.

Overall, I thought All Hallows Eve was a fun twist to another great Timeless Romance Anthology. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of All Hallows Eve for my candid review.