Falling for June by Heather B. Moore

Falling for June, the newest release in Heather B. Moore’s Falling series, was quick and fun to read. June, sees herself as average when she compares herself to her two best friends Sydney and Maria. Average in appearance, lifestyle, career, and even with boyfriends. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, June joins Sydney and Maria for a weekend get-a-way in Maui and finds herself attracted to an anything but average man. As June has the vacation of her life, she discovers that she is not as average as she thought and that makes all the difference. With unexpected plots twists, great characters, and a paradise setting, this was a fun story. I received a complimentary copy of Falling for June by Heather B. Moore for my candid review.


A Taste of Sun by Heather B. Moore

I like it! A Taste of Sun is a delightful, entertaining twist on a summer novella. Full of wit and clean fun, author Heather B. Moore introduces us to Winona, a woman who goes to New York to house sit for her great-aunt. Winona arrives in New York determined to work the summer away in her aunt’s spacious apartment. Neighbor Steve volunteers to gives Winona a tour of the city at her great-aunt’s request. So starts a relationship of unexpected spontaneity, fun, quirkiness and healing. I received a complimentary copy of A Taste of Sun by Heather B. Moore for my candid review.

The Matchmaking Game by Donna Hatch

The Matchmaking Game by Donna Hatch, the newest Timeless Romance single, is entertaining, refreshing and fun to read. Rowena Emerson is a young woman on a mission but she wants Evan Barnes, a long-time neighbor and recently returned war veteran, to assist her. Rowena wants her widowed father to marry Evan’s recently widowed mother. With carefully planning Rowena feels certain she and Evan will succeed; however, Evan though seems cautious and reluctant about everything, including his friendship with Rowena. Full of unexpected twists and touching exchanges, Donna Hatch creates a charming story of love, loss, and hope. Heather B. Moore gave me a copy of The Matchmaking Game for my candid review.

Falling for Maria by Heather B. Moore

Falling for Maria, the newest release in Heather B. Moore Falling series was fun and entertaining to read. Maria, is a young adult woman who just wants to be her happy self. She loves her job and her clients love her work. But after her company’s buyout by another corporation Maria finds her happiness and her job threatened. With delight and aplomb, Moore weaves a story of a woman who realizes that happiness comes from enjoying the little things in life too. Great characters, unexpected plot and fun along the way, Falling for Maria is a quick read. I received a complimentary copy Falling for Maria by Heather B. Moore for my candid review.

A Season in London: Timeless Regency Collection

What do a poor relative, a clandestine painter and a young woman desperate to make her first London season her final one have in common? These women are the main characters of the most recent addition to the Timeless Regency Collection. A Season in London by authors Elizabeth Johns, Heather B. Moore and Rebecca Connolly delivers another entertaining collection of novellas focusing on the quintessential London season. Distinctive characters, unexpected plots, and plenty of wit and humor make Emma, Emily and Daphne women who know how to hold their own despite society’s expectations. A charming collection. Heather B. Moore gave me a copy of A Season in London for my candid review.