More than Just the Talk by Jonathan McKee

How do you approach your children and teenager’s questions about sexuality and its place in God’s plan for husbands and wives who are married and committed only to each other? Not too long ago, parents addressed the topic of sex with their teenagers with a one-time talk that may or may not have answered all questions.

Author Jonathan McKee, in his new book More than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex, explains to us that in a culture of lies and sexual perversions, our children need to be able to feel comfortable enough to come to us about all sexual questions and concerns about sexual behaviors or they will get explanations and lies from inaccurate and wrong sources.

Drawing upon his experience as a youth counselor, McKee introduces parents to the loud voices that youth face every day regarding their sexuality and how those voices and influences often go directly against God’s commandment that sexual relations exist only between a man and a woman married to each other.

With specific examples to underscore his experiences working with youth, McKee offers practical suggestions of how parents and influential adults can teach youth to understand for themselves why waiting for sexual relations within marriage is worth the wait. He also discusses common lies and misunderstandings that youth often have about sex and how that affects their behavior when they do not understand God’s law.

Finally, McKee addresses pervasive sexual perversions, like pornography, that youth confront in our culture and how responsible adults can teach and help youth understand the dangers of accepting and participating in activities that distort God’s true purpose for sexual relations.

Overall, McKee presents a candid, informative message of how to approach our youth with candor and honesty as we help them understand for themselves why sex is good when it complies with God’s laws, and why sex is harmful to them when distorted, perverted, and casually approached outside of God’s prescribed boundaries. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of More than Just the Talk by Jonathan McKee for my candid review.