The Mariposa Hotel

As the third book in the Tangerine Street Romance, The Mariposa Hotel is entertaining reading.  Authors Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson, and Heather B. Moore have created fun, unpredictable novellas which take place at the new Mariposa Hotel in Seashell Beach. Three women: Mari, Brooke, and Reagan. Three unexpected plots. Three touching stories.

The Mariposa Hotel does not disappoint and is delightful to read. Full of well written stories that loosely intertwine to engage readers in compelling plots, The Mariposa Hotel speaks to hearts who long for happy endings. Maybe the butterfly wishing well at the Mariposa is magic after all. Happy reading. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of The Mariposa Hotel for my candid review.


The Fortune Café by Heather B. Moore, Melanie Jacobsen, Julie Wright

If you want to relax and enjoy some entertaining and heartfelt stories, The Fortune Café by Heather B. Moore, Melanie Jacobsen, and Julie Wright is a perfect choice. As the debut novel for the Tangerine Street Romance series, in three novellas The Fortune Café introduces us to Chinese fortunes that really do come true. Cái, the eccentric own of The Fortune Café on Tangerine Street believes that the first fortune a customer receives in his café will become reality, and he takes pride in the way he chooses fortunes for his customers.

Mis-Fortune, the first novella in The Fortune Café, introduces us to Emma, a waitress at The Fortune Café. Emma believes in fortunes for everyone else but not for her. When her old high school friend Harrison comes to the café, Emma must rethink her life and what a Chinese fortune can mean for her.

In Love, Not Luck, the second novella in The Fortune Café, Lucy grapples with an engagement that goes badly wrong when her lucky necklace breaks. Depressed by her seeming bad luck in every aspect of her life, Lucy finds escape with Carter her next door neighbor who believes in luck and making time for fun. What Lucy must decide is whether the luck is showered out because of charms or if luck is more of an attitude to be actively embraced.

Takeout, the third novella in The Fortune Café introduces us to Stella and her quiet life repairing jewelry and caring for her diabetic mother. Evan enters Stella’s life as a timely rescuer from an old boyfriend and stale relationship. Evan is definitely not who Stella would consider under normal circumstances, but Stella’s circumstances are not normal.

The Fortune Café does not disappoint and is delightful to read. Full of well written stories that loosely intertwine to engage readers in compelling plots, The Fortune Café speaks to hearts who long for happy endings.

The Boardwalk Antiques Shop by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobsen, Heather B. Moore

The Boardwalk Antiques Shop was a delightful read! It is a charming novel of love, hope, and finding happiness in ordinary, but unexpected ways. From the first chapter of Message in a Bottle I loved the surprises, the genuine characters, and the well written, seemingly effortless narrative that made up the 3 novellas of The Boardwalk Antiques Shop.

The three separate lives and three distinct stories of Jennifer, Abbie, and Cate intertwine in this most recent Tangerine Street Romance. I love how the authors take ordinary women, with ordinary challenges and life situations, and create stories of love, hope, forgiveness, and friendship.

Message in a Bottle introduces us to Jennifer’s deceased aunt Daisy who turns Jennifer’s life upside down when Daisy leaves Jennifer the Boardwalk Antiques Shop. Intent on dumping the shop and returning home, Jennifer meets Paul, immerses herself in stories from the past and rethinks her future.       I loved how Jennifer’s story inconspicuously shows why savoring stories from the past matter now.

Solving for X introduces us to Abbie who happily goes about her carefree life doing what she loves and doing it well. Enter the stuffed shirt Holden who meets Abbie, only to be bested by her and her outrageous cupcake appearance. What I like about this story is that both Abbie and Holden find that while appearance may matter sometimes what matters most usually compels us to look beyond appearances to find happiness.

Finally, A Stitch in Time takes Cate and Henry and weaves a touching story of grief and loss, hope and reclamation. I enjoyed reading all three stories but Cate and Henry’s story was my favorite of the three novellas. If you enjoy touching, unaffected stories, The Boardwalk Antiques Shop is for you.