Mothering from Scratch by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo

Mothering from Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo was a genuine pleasure to read. I was touched by the openness of the authors as they shared their stories and struggles of motherhood.

Melinda and Kathy introduce themselves with this disclaimer: “We’re not perfect mothers. We don’t have perfect children. . . . We are passionate about sharing with other mothers the lessons we’ve learned and the grace God has shown us.” That introduction sums up nicely the focus and intent of Mothering from Scratch.

I like the helpful, concise organization of Mothering from Scratch. Melinda and Kathy shared so much helpful advice and suggestions but it was couched in their personal experiences and what they learned from those experiences. That approach gives Mothering from Scratch an encouraging and non-threatening tone of mothers learning together and from each other, rather than expert mothers lecturing about what works for them.

A main focus in Mothering from Scratch is helping mothers understand how much God depends upon them and how much God is willing to bless them with His grace as they care for their unique families. Melinda and Kathy encourage mothers to turn to God to better understand their divine potential and to figure out how best to care for their families.

Overall Mothering from Scratch is filled with genuine anecdotes, delightful humor, and touching examples how much God really does care about mothers and vital role they have in their families and communities. Motherhood matters and Melinda and Kathy do a delightful job showing us why motherhood matters and how we can become more confident mothers as we learn from each other and seek God’s help. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Mothering from Scratch by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo for my candid review.