The Heart Only Grows by Michele Paige Holmes

I loved it! This story touched my heart. The newest Timeless Romance Single, The Heart Only Grows by Michele Paige Holmes was a thoughtful, poignant, well written historical story about the Orphan Train. Addie, an orphan herself, is determined to ride the orphan train to see the children placed in the best homes possible. Addie’s heart struggles as she sees some of the children left behind in hard circumstances, and Daniel and Sarah might not find a home unless she separates the siblings.

With hope diminishing, Addie meets the sheriff in a small town and receives an offer of a home for Daniel and Sarah together if she accepts a proposal of marriage and stays with them. Holmes weaves a powerful story full of full of heartache, tragedy, love, acceptance and hope. With genuine characters and unpredictable plot twists, The Heart Only Grows is masterfully written. I received a complimentary copy of The Heart Only Grows by Michele Paige Holmes for my candid review.


Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes

I really enjoyed reading Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes. Holmes knows how to weave a captivating story full of romance and intrigue. Collin is from the McDonald clan in the Scottish highlands, Katie is from the neighboring Campbell clan. Amid warring clans, fate introduces Collin and Katie to each other in a powerful way, but when they come together years later, their fate seems less clear and troubled.

Holmes masterfully uses just the right amount of historical details to draw us into her story of changing times, changing circumstances, and changing lives. By creating such unaffected characters, Holmes shares a poignant story of love, remembering, and seeking hope.

Yesterday’s Promise doesn’t not have a defined conclusion like we anticipate in many series books now so I anticipate a sequel to Yesterday’s Promise that will continue Collin and Katie’s story. I received a complimentary copy of Yesterday’s Promise by Michele Paige Holmes for my candid review.

Between Heaven and Earth by Michele Paige Holmes

As a fan of novels by Michele Paige Holmes I looked forward to Between Heaven and Earth which is the most recent story in the Power of the Matchmaker series. I liked it! Set in a small town in California, Between Heaven and Earth tells the story of Cassie, a wife with a young son and a husband with PVS who she longs to have back in her life. Matt is a young widower who lost his wife and his hope. When Cassie and Matt meet their lives change but not how they anticipate.

This is a story of love of many different levels and author Michele tells Cassie and Matt’s stories in an empathetic and compassionate way that draws us into their heartaches, loyalties, struggles, and dreams. I love the way Michele takes stories of seemingly ordinary people and creates small worlds of miracles and hope amid hard times. This is a story of loss, healing and hope worth reading. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Between Heaven and Earth by Michele Paige Holmes for my candid review.

Twelve Days in December by Michele Paige Holmes

The Christmas novella Twelve Days in December by Michele Paige Holmes was a quick, touching story to read. Though a bit less intense that some of her other novels, Twelve Days in December tells the story of Charlotte, the widowed sister of Marsali, who last minute decides to marry Mr. Vancer when Marsali learns her husband Christopher survived the shipwreck. Author Michele Paige Holmes takes several of the characters from her novel Marrying Christopher, and gives us a delightful sequel in this novella.

When Marsali chooses not to marry Mr. Vancer, Charlotte sees an opportunity to procure a safe home for her and her small son with a kind man. Not expecting love after the loss of her first husband, Charlotte nevertheless sees the genuine kindness of Mr. Vancer. While pursuing her own needs, Charlotte realizes that she will be helping Mr. Vancer claim his inheritance. So with a mutually beneficial arrangement Charlotte dresses in Marsali’s wedding gown and weds Mr. Vancer.

To me, this story of Charlotte and Mr. Vancer was a peaceful, soothing story of how two strangers seeking to help each other can find happiness. Michele Paige Holmes is a gifted writer who shows us how being kind to others in difficult circumstances can bring happiness, contentment, and unanticipated joy.

This was a delightful novella to read. Heather Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Twelve Days in December by Michele Paige Holmes for my candid review.

A Midwinter Ball: Timeless Regency Collection

I loved reading A Midwinter Ball, the recent release of the Timeless Regency Collection which comprises three novellas by Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon, and Michele Paige Holmes. With clever plots, genuine characters, and unexpected endings, this collection was fast and fun to read.

Much Ado about Dancing by Heidi Ashworth introduces Mrs. Smith hosting her annual house party to give dancing lessons to eligible and marriageable young women. Miss Analisa Lloyd-Jones has been a returning guest at Mrs. Smith parties for one too many years. When an unexpected male guest arrives at the house party, Analisa finds herself rethinking her marriage expectations. I liked how this plot played out in an unexpected and touching way.

Sweeter than Any Dream by Annette Lyon introduces Olivia, a young woman who had learned to suppress her feelings to avoid confrontations with her domineering mother. With an unexpected visit from her brother and new sister-in-law Emma, Olivia finds that her dreams that helped her deal with her mother finally have a chance to become real experiences. I liked how the siblings relationships evolved in this story to show that even in difficult circumstances, family can make all the difference.

An Invitation to Dance by Michele Paige Holmes was delightful. I loved the characters, especially Lady Ella and Mr. Darling.  Michele Paige Holmes has become a favorite author of mine and she did not disappoint in this novella. I love how her stories about seemingly ordinary people are full of unexpected twists of fate and love.

Having read most of the Timeless Regency Collection, I think A Midwinter Ball is my new favorite of the collection. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of A Midwinter Ball for my candid review.