Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell

In her most recent historical novel Flirtation Walk, author Siri Mitchell introduces us to the bygone days of West Point military academy. In a nostalgic setting, the plot of Flirtation Walk unfolds to share the stories of Lucinda and Seth.

Seth Westcott, the aspiring cadet who has the respect of both classmates and professors alike, decides that his preferential status is preventing him from going to help his sister. Appealing to classmates who know the art of collecting demerits, Seth struggles to become less than he is. In contrast, Lucinda Hammond comes to Buttermilk Falls destitute and alone to stay with her mother’s family. Lucinda idealized her father, but she is learning he is not what he appeared to be. And while she knows she and her father provided for themselves through deceiving others, Lucinda struggles to become a woman of integrity.

I love how author Siri Mitchell artfully juxtaposes Seth and Lucinda’s weaknesses and struggles and uses those inadequacies to tell of a story of how expectations and reality can both mislead. With strong main characters and unpretentious supporting characters, Mitchell has created a story that entertains and informs. I particularly love how Mitchell uses the character of Phoebe to show Lucinda what really matters in life.

Overall, Flirtation Walk was a well written, thought-provoking novel. I did find the pace slow, but still enjoyed the story and the clever character development as the novel progressed. Bethany House gave me a complimentary copy of Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell for my candid review.